Impact Coaching Network

"A Unique Team-First Training Approach
Dedicated to Building Vibrant Chess Communities
& Delivering Measurable Chess Success."


* 13 Team Trophy Winners, City Championships (2019)

* 28 City Championship Individual Trophies (2019)

* 10 Top Ten Grade Nationals Teams (2018)

* 75 ICN Program Competitors Reached 1000+ USCF

* 25 Top 100 USA Ranked Players

* 5 Top 10 Mayor's Cup Finishes (2018)

* National Champions K/3 U 700 (2018)

2nd Place K/5 National Championship (2018)

* 6 Top Ten National Championship Teams (2018)

* All Girls Primary State Champions (2018)

* 12 Team Trophy Winners, State Championships (2018)



Led by Coach Russ, ICN was founded with the vision of establishing a network of high performing chess programs, where each school embodies their own unique chess culture while still maintaining a network-wide commitment to excellence. 

Across the Impact Coaching Network, a "Team First" training approach will be emphasized and our coaches / leaders will collaborate with each partner program to strengthen and build their school’s community through a visibly vibrant and successful chess program. 

* All ICN coaches are Department of Education fingerprinted & background checked.

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