ICN Superstars Storm Podium at North American Youth Chess Championships

Led by Coach Angel, 9 of our ICN competitors traveled to Ontario, Canada for the Annual North American Youth Chess Championships! These superstars including Max, Luc, Whitney, Kyle, Avaan, Aliana, Kyle, Rose, and Simone represent school programs from across the ICN Network.


A special congratulations to Avaan, Rose, Whitney and Simone as they fought their way onto the podium and established themselves among the very best in North America!!! Each of these players represent #HOMEGROWN talent of which we are very proud!


We call it ICN Magic but what it really is a group of kids, together dedicated to working hard and reaching their highest potential. These players are supported by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic coaches, parents, competitors, friends, and community at large. Success is contagious and for an inspired child engaged in a productive learning environment, surrounded by a supportive community, Magic happens!!!


A special congratulating our very own Whitney Tse on taking clear 1st in the Girls U8 division at the North American Youth Championships. Along the way Whitney also secured the title of Women’s Candidate Master (WCM)

Russ Makofsky