2019 ICN Talent Show

Our talented students took the stage last Tuesday to show of their talents. Our champs are not only highly-rated chess players, but are also artistically gifted. Seeing their various skills was a wonderful surprise. 

ALL KIDS sitting.jpeg

Even with an extremely short amount of time to practice during recess, these champions decided to make the best of it and share a glimpse of their gifts. 

Many thanks to the coaches who supported our students.  Coach Leila Bekmuratova who organized the show, rehearsed with the kids and wrote the script. She collaborated with Coach Nicole Hunt, who made the playlist and did an amazing job as the sound designer.

Jude Kazan, Ningxin Xiong and Jake Cloyd demonstrated their captivating piano-playing abilities. Bianca Faissal, Raquel Faissal and Eliana Elicier showed their hidden talents in gymnastics dance with acrobatic movements. Max Stringer, Brielle Roberts and Amelia Jean serenaded the audience with their singing voices. 

Coach Yates and  Coach Estelle, were the most energetic and entertaining hosts. They had matching outfits and had a lot of humorous jokes during the Talent Show.


At the end of show all participants received Talent Show certificates in honor of their outstanding performances and dedication to our chess program. The Audience was very supportive and provided a welcoming atmosphere during the show. Everyone had a great time and our chess program never stops surprising us with their abilities. 

Nashali Paulino