PS 11 Chess Team

PS 11 Chess Team

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Welcome to The Chelsea ChessMates!

PS 11 Program Vision:

From complete beginners to advancing tournament players, our goal is that all PS 11 players can experience both the joy & significant social/educational benefits of learning and playing chess. Our PS 11 Team will prepare for Local, City, State & National Competitions.

Players are matched into groups based on skill, interest level & age. This allows coaches to identify and create the right training environment for each player (complete beginner - advanced National competitors).

Approximate class groupings:

  • Kings: 1000+ USCF

  • Queens: 600+ USCF

  • Rooks: U600 USCF players with an eye towards competition

  • Bishops: U600 USCF Advancing Tournament players

  • Knights: Social developmental play

  • Pawns: K-1, introductory coaching & play

*Each PS 11 program member will receive a team shirt and also a gold membership

Tuesday Chess Club & Team Practice:

Fall 2019: September 17th - February 11th

  • September 17th, 24th

  • October 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

  • November 12th, 19th, 26th

  • December 3rd, 10th, 17th

  • January 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

  • February 4th, 11th

Players meet in the library directly after-school where they receive a light snack and have a team meeting. Instruction and play will occur in PS 11 classes onsite. Pick-up will occur at 5 PM directly in front of the school.

Lateral classroom movements will occur, as we experiment with class grouping and activities to identify the optimal training opportunities for our players. Also players may be promoted throughout the season as coaches feel fit.

PS 11 will have a weekly opening meeting, where past weeks success is recognized, the upcoming events are emphasized and expectations and team spirit is reinforced.

Program leadership will ensure a single thread of PS 11 team spirit and standards in each class. Coaches will get to know each kid in the program and be able to speak on each ones strengths and weaknesses as their relationship with the program evolves over time.

Each groups coaches will also track and monitor both their USCF and chesskid ratings week over week, helping to guide and motivate them along the way.

Program leaders will also work to guide the coaches; the expectation is that each class will be progressive and coaches will provide a productive session, each and every week.

Team Competitions:

Our PS 11 team will compete at local, City, State & National competitions.

Program Rates: $595 per semester

10% sibling discount, use code: sibling

Financial assistance available: email

*Each PS 11 program member will receive a team shirt and also a gold membership

Support PS 11 Chess:

Donations can be made towards additional weekend team coaching, nationals coaching and team room expenses.

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