PS 11 Team Expectations


Chelsea ChessMates Team Expectations:

Without the commitment of chess team members and their families, we will not be able to accomplish the many great things that our team can expect to achieve this year.  We ask that you read this carefully and commit to the following:

Tuesday Team Practice

  • This weekly team practice is an opportunity for your child to improve their chess skills through lessons from coaches and reviewing strategies and games. Each child is expected to be respectful of their coaches and each other (see Chess Community Standards for more details).
  • While all PS11 students receive an account with, each team member has a separate unique login and password. Each child is expected to complete a minimum of 50 puzzles per week. Students who accomplish this goal have shown remarkable progress in their chess performance.
  • Each student should wear their Chelsea ChessMates t-shirts each Tuesday to build overall team spirit at PS11 CIS Tournament Participation
  • All Team Members are expected to wear their Chelsea ChessMates t-shirts at each tournament to represent PS11.

Unrated Team Members

  • New and unrated team members will be registered and expected to play in all CIS PS11 tournaments with unrated sections absent extenuating circumstances
  • (10/10/16 - Columbus Day; 11/05/16; 01/07/17; 04/01/17). Participation in other tournaments is encouraged, but not required

Rated Team Members

  • If your child is a rated player, or becomes a rated player during the year, it is your responsibility to keep his or her membership active by paying the annual membership fee of $17 directly to the U.S. Chess Federation at
  • All rated players will be registered and expected to participate in all PS11 tournaments absent extenuating circumstances (10/10/16 - Columbus Day; 11/05/16; 11/11/17 - Veterans’ Day; 01/07/17; 01/16/17 - MLK Jr. Day; 05/06/17 - Mayor’s Cup, for ratings 600 and up).
  • In addition, all rated kids are expected to participate in a total of at least 10 tournaments a year (including the PS11 hosted ones), preferably tournaments that PS 11 attends as a team. The tournament schedule will be decided at the beginning of the year.

Parent/Guardian Participation

  • There will be a sign-up sheet to provide snacks for the weekly practices. It is important to remember the date you have signed up for or notify if you are not able to provide the snack.
  • Parents are expected to volunteer at all PS 11 hosted tournaments, as well as other fundraisers (e.g., Family Fridays), through donations of time and/or items to sell. These fundraising events support the team as a whole and are crucial to maintain funding for chess team activities.
  • If you wish to take a more active role in helping to coordinate chess-related activities, please email
  •  Photographs or videos of my child may be used in materials that document the activities of the chess team such as the PS 11 website and social media pages
  • I will read and discuss the Chess Community Standards (click to read the standards) with my child and ensure that my child understands these expectations. I understand that if my child does not follow the standards or does not adhere to the requirements above, he or she may be asked to leave the team***