Now Enrolling Summer Chess Camps


Summer 2019:

It has been an incredible year for our competitive programs at ICN and we now look towards our summer training camps.

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Summer Training Camps give our students greater access to chess across an entire week/summer. Unlike after-school team training sessions that are 2 hours per week, camps give students an accelerated learning environment where they have access to chess over a 40 hour week or 320 hours over the summer :) Summer chess camps have consistently proven to be an incredible way to quickly improve our students level of play.

About Summer Training Camps:

A unique Team-First camp training approach dedicated to building and preparing players/teams for City, State & National Competitions. Camps will be run by team coaches and include inter school competitions, small group work, rated game play, pointed lectures and plenty of summer camp fun!

* Additional sports, activities and social play will be included throughout each day.

About G & T Training Camps, 1000 + USCF:

Over the years G & T Chess has helped develop many of NYC's top scholastic players. Through their weekly Quads and select intensive camps, G & T Chess has built a vibrant community of like-minded and like-skilled high performing NYC competitors.

Through the support of this community, access to world class coaches and the introduction of fun and innovative learning techniques G & T Chess continues to deliver the very best in competitive scholastic chess education & training.

Our G & T Training Camps provide a perfect combination of USCF rated match play, group analysis, individual coaching opportunities, daily themed lectures, social play and much more.

Russ Makofsky