G & T Quads

G & T Quads

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About G & T Quads:

  • Location: PS 111, 440 West 53rd St

  • 3 Round Quads, G70, D5

  • 9:45 Check-in

  • 750 + USCF Required

The G & T Quads have become a staple for NYC's strongest scholastic players. G & T Quads provides the (weekly) opportunity to play three equally rated players in both a competitive and supportive environment.

Players will be paired in quads, starting with our 4 highest registered players based on their LIVE rating and continuing down to 750 USCF.

Once the quad’s round games are complete, the next round will begin. You may leave on the completion of your quad.

Walk-ins are permitted but they must register before 9.45 am. 1st round will start at 10 AM Sharp.

Year-End Season: 750 + USCF

  • May 18th

  • May 25th

  • June 1st

  • June 8th


  • $45 online

  • $50 cash onsite

Weekly Prizes:

  • $25 for anyone who wins their Quad!

  • $50 for anyone going 3 - 0 (Perfect Game)

Players Receive:

  • 6 points per win

  • 3 points per draw

Season Ending Prize Conversion:

  • Max Points = 4 Weeks * 18 points (Perfect Score) = 72

  • Max Payout = $50 (Winning Quad) * 4 = $200

  • Anything over 40 Points = $5 per point = $160

  • $200 + $160 = $360

Same School Pairings:

We will allow no more than 2 players from the same school per Quad. If there are 2 + we will move the lowest rated team player to the Quad below and replace them with that Quad’s highest rated player.

Team Awards:

Each week the player winning their quad will have their school recognized on the USCF cross-tables. At the end of the season, the team who has accumulated the most quad wins will have their school's name inscribed on our 1st ever Quad Cup.

New Live Results:

You can now follow all of the live action online. Follow here

(New) “Quads for a Cause”:

G & T Quads provides the opportunity for a unique and diverse cross-section of NYC scholastic competitors to come together and build community through chess.

With the "Quads for a Cause" initiative, we will be leveraging the strength of our G & T Quads community to help support an important chess cause relating to our NYC community.

We will be kicking off the 2018/2019 G & T Quads year with the support of Justus Williams (photoed above). Justus is a four time National Champion from the Bronx who became the youngest ever African American Master at the age of 12. Justus was featured in the award winning documentary "Brooklyn Castle".

Justus is currently studying and playing chess at Webster University in St. Louis with the goal of becoming only the 2nd ever African American Grandmaster.

On his journey to Grandmaster, Justus will need plenty of support and resources to help with his chess related expenses.

100% of your donations will go directly towards the support of Justus Williams! We will keep the Quads community updated on his progress, funds raised and the ways we have all collectively helped to support his dream!

You can participate in "Quads for a Cause" by making a donation along with your Quads registration.

Best of luck Justus!

Things to Note:

  • No byes permitted

  • Lunch will not be served

  • Pairings will be based on live ratings

  • 3rd round color will be decided by a coin toss

  • If a player is late for the start of a round (indicated by the TD) their clock will be started

  • 2nd and 3rd rounds will begin at the completion of your quads previous round

  • Players must be 750 + USCF published or at some point live rating

  • TD's reserve the right to modify quads to avoid sibling pairing or to accommodate special requests (TD discretion)

  • 100 point rating variance to accommodate sibling players.

  • Please bring your own clocks

NUT Free:

All G & T Chess Programs are NUT FREE.

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